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Jean Roger Harripaul is a British singer/songwriter.

Jean Roger Harripaul was born in London where he grew up exposed to a wide genres of music. As well as being a versatile singer/songwriter, he has developed his skills extensively as a session guitarist, drummer and bass player. Jean has previously worked as a session guitarist with the Christians, Dub Star, Russell Webb of Skids, The Armoury Show, Billy McKenzie of the Associates and Julian Cope.

Under the name Roger Jean Harripaul, he had two singles out in 1988/1989 - 'Memories of a Golden Dream' which charted in UK Charts at number 97 in 1988 and 'Cover Girl' which was a hit in Germany. He signed to RCA in the eighties but was dropped later on. In 2001 Jean signed to Urban Sounds and 'The Time For Change' Album was released. Jean secured prestigious support role with Roachford during this period.

In 2004 Jean formed a new band called 'Harripaul' and were signed to Ravensbourne Records, and the 'Live your Life' album was released on 1 Jan, 2005. The 'Live your Life' album sold well in Japan and had good reviews from Simon Rueben [1] - the article was called 'Harripaul - Live Your Life | Review | Music @ The Digital Fix'.

In 2012 'Harripaul' signed to Urban Sounds and the 'Swings and Roundabouts' was released. The album was played with great feed back on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Sue Marchant/BBC Three Counties Radio with CL Smooth/ Capital radio/Radio 2.


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