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Jean Sendy (1910-1978)[1] was a French writer and translator, author of works on esoterica and UFO phenomena. He was also an early proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis.[2]

Ancient Astronauts[edit]

He wrote the 1968 book The moon: The key to the Bible in which he claimed the God mentioned in Genesis of the Bible should be translated in plural as "Gods", and that the "Gods" were actually space travelers (an alien race of humanoids). Sendy believed that Genesis was factual history of ancient astronauts colonizing earth who became "angels in human memory". The book contains similar ideas to that of the UFO religion Raëlism.[3][4][5]

In his 1969 book Those Gods who made Heaven and Earth, Sendy claimed that space travelers 23,500 years ago arrived in the solar system in a large hollow sphere and seeded humanity.

List of works[edit]

  • La lune: Clé de la Bible (translated in English The moon: The key to the Bible) (1968) later edition (1974)
  • Those Gods Who Made Heaven & Earth; the novel of the Bible (1969) later edition (1972) ISBN 0-425-02130-0
  • The Coming of the Gods (1970) later edition (1973) ISBN 0-425-02398-2
  • Moon Outpost Of Gods (1975) ISBN 0-425-02798-8

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