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Jean Shepard discography

Jean Shepard performing at a benefit event (2006).
Singles 72
B-sides 2
Collaborations 2

The singles discography of Jean Shepard, an American country music artist, consists of seventy two singles, two B-sides, and five other album appearances. After being discovered by country artist Hank Thompson, he helped her secure a recording contract with Capitol Records in 1953.[1] Her first chart appearance came with her second single entitled "A Dear John Letter", a duet with Ferlin Husky. The single topped the Billboard Magazine Hot Country Songs chart in 1953, while also becoming a No. 4 hit on the Billboard Pop chart.[2] Its follow-up single, "Forgive Me, John" (also a duet with Ferlin Husky) was a top ten single the same year.[3] Both singles established Shepard as one of country music's first female artists.[2] In 1955, the singles "A Satisfied Mind" and "Beautiful Lies" became her first solo hits, both peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard country chart.[1][2] The flip side of "A Satisfied Mind" entitled, "Take Possession" reached No. 13 on the country chart, and the flip side of "Beautiful Lies" called, "I Thought of You", peaked at No. 10 around the same time.[3]

For almost ten full years, almost all of Shepard's singles remained absent from the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.[3] However, in 1964 she scored a comeback with the song "Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)", which reached No. 5 on the Hot Country Songs chart and became her first charting single since 1959.[2] The song begun a string of major hits that would run through the remainder of the decade,[1] including a string of fifteen Top 40 singles between 1965 and 1970.[3] In 1966 she had three Top 20 hits with "Many Happy Hangovers to You" (#13), "If Teardrops Were Silver" (#10), and "Heart, We Did All We Could" (#12). From her 1966 collaborative album with Ray Pillow, I'll Take the Dog, she had a top ten single with the title track.[1] In 1970 her single, "Then He Touched Me", from her album A Woman's Hand, reached No. 8 on the Billboard country chart, which was followed later in the year by "Another Lonely Night" (#12), which was spawned from the album Here and Now.[2] After signing with United Artists Records in 1973, her debut single from the label entitled, "Slippin' Away" became Shepard's biggest hit single since the fifties.[1] The song went to No. 4 on the Billboard country songs chart and No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100, her first solo appearance on the latter chart. Shepard continued to have hit singles until 1975 with the songs, "At the Time" (#13), "I'll Do Anything It Takes (To Stay with You)" (#17), "Poor Sweet Baby" (#14), and "The Tip of My Fingers" (#16). In 1978 her single, "The Real Thing", released through GRT Records, became her final single to chart on the Billboard country chart, peaking at #85.[3]



List of singles, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak chart

US CB Country US CB US
"Crying Steel Guitar Waltz" 1953 This Is Jean Shepard
"A Dear John Letter"
(with Ferlin Husky)
1 11 4 N/A
"Forgive Me, John"
(with Ferlin Husky)
4 24 N/A
"The Glass That Stands Beside You" 1954 N/A
"Why Did You Wait" This Is Jean Shepard
"You'll Come Crawlin' Back" N/A
"Don't Rush Me" N/A
"You Sent Her an Orchid" 1955 N/A
"A Satisfied Mind" 4 This Is Jean Shepard
"Beautiful Lies" 4
"I Learned It All from You" 1956
"You're Calling Me Sweetheart Again"
"Thank You Just the Same" N/A
"Tomorrow I'll Be Gone" 1957 N/A
"The Other Woman" This Is Jean Shepard
"Act Like a Married Man"
"I Used to Love You" 1958 N/A
"He's My Baby" N/A
"I Want to Go Where No One Knows Me" 18 N/A
"Have Heart Will Love" 1959 30 42 N/A
"I'll Take the Blame" 31 N/A
"Jeopardy" 47 N/A
"Heartaches, Teardrops, and Sorrow" N/A
"Better Love Next Time" 25 N/A
"—" denotes releases that did not chart


List of singles, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak chart

US CB Country CAN

"Did I Turn Down a Better Deal" 1960 42 Songs of a Love Affair
"The Mysteries of Life"
"For the Children's Sake" 49 N/A
"Lonely Little World" 23 N/A
"The Root of All Evil (Is a Man)" 1961 34 N/A
"How Long Does It Hurt (When a Heart Breaks)" Heartaches and Tears
"I've Got to Talk to Mary" 48 N/A
"Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces" 1962 30 N/A
"It's Never Too Late" N/A
"One Less Heartache" 1963 48 N/A
"I've Learned to Live with You" N/A
"When Your House Is Not a Home" Heart, We Did All We Could
"Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)" 1964 5 4
"A Tear Dropped By" 38 5
"Someone's Gotta Cry" 1965 30
"It's a Man Every Time" It's a Man Every Time
"Many Happy Hangovers to You" 1966 13 8 Many Happy Hangovers
"If Teardrops Were Silver" 10 11 Heart, We Did All We Could
"Outstanding In Your Field" 57
"Heart, We Did All We Could" 1967 12 17
"Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long" 17 27 Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long
"I Don't See How We Can Make It" 40 44 Heart to Heart
"An Old Bridge" 1968 52 A Real Good Woman
"A Real Good Woman" 36 39
"Everyday's a Happy Day for Fools" 62 N/A
"I'm Tied Around Your Finger" 1969 69 Seven Lonely Days
"Seven Lonely Days" 18 31 34
"Then He Touched Me" 8 13 27 A Woman's Hand
"—" denotes releases that did not chart

1970s and 1980s[edit]

List of singles, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak chart positions Album

US CB Country US CB US

"A Woman's Hand" 1970 23 34 A Woman's Hand
"I Want You Free" 22 25
"Another Lonely Night" 12 15 Here and Now
"With His Hand in Mine" 1971 24 24 43 Just as Soon as I Get Over Loving You
"Just as Soon as I Get Over Loving You" 55 63
"Safe in These Lovin' Arms of Mine" 55 48 Just Like Walkin' in the Sunshine
"Virginia" 1972 68 60
"Just Like Walkin' in the Sunshine" 46 42 65
"Slippin' Away" 1973 4 1 105 81 3 Slippin' Away
"Come on Phone" 36 28 28
"At the Time" 1974 13 13 24 I'll Do Anything It Takes
"I'll Do Anything It Takes (To Stay with You)" 17 24
"Poor Sweet Baby" 14 9 17 Poor Sweet Baby
(And Ten More Bill Anderson Songs)
"The Tip of My Fingers" 1975 16 16 25
"I'm a Believer (In a Whole Lot of Lovin')" 49 33 I'm a Believer
"Another Neon Night" 44 29 31
"Mercy" 1976 49 36 Mercy/Ain't Love Good
"Ain't Love Good" 41 32
"I'm Giving You Denver" 74 55 N/A
"Hardly a Day Goes By" 1977 82 96 N/A
"The Real Thing" 1978 85 74 N/A
"Saturday Night Sin" 95 N/A
"Too Many Rivers" 1981 Dear John
"—" denotes releases that did not chart

Collaborative singles[edit]

List of collaborative singles, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak
US Country
US CB Country
"I'll Take the Dog"
(with Ray Pillow)
1966 9 12 I'll Take the Dog
"Mister Do-It Yourself"
(with Ray Pillow)
25 23 N/A

Charting b-sides[edit]

List of b-sides, with selected chart positions
Title Year Peak
A-Side Single
US Country
"Take Possession" 1955 13 "A Satisfied Mind"
"I Thought of You" 10 "Beautiful Lies"


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