Jeanie Deans (play)

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Jeanie Deans is a play written by Dion Boucicault[1] based on Sir Walter Scott's 1818 novel, The Heart of Midlothian. It is named after the heroine of the novel, Jeanie Deans.

It was first produced on 9 January 1860 at Laura Keene's Theatre, New York City.[2] It was produced in London at the Westminster Theatre on 26 January 1863 under the title of 'The Trial of Effie Deans',[3] and in Edinburgh at the Theatre Royal in 1910.[4] Alice Marriott played the part of Jeanie Deans many times: "her most artistic success."[5]

Thomas Hailes Lacy seems to have incorporated Boucicault's play in a later publication entitled: The Heart of Mid-Lothian; or, the Sisters of St. Leonard's[6]

The play was also published as 'The Trial of Effie Deans' or 'The Heart of Mid-Lothian', but they are definitely the same play as 'Jeanie Deans'.[7]


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