Jeanne-Mance Street

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Rue Jeanne-Mance
Location Montreal

Jeanne-Mance Street (French: Rue Jeanne-Mance) is a Montreal north-south street east of Park Avenue. It received this name in 1914, when it was named in honour of Jeanne Mance, founder of the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal situated along this street.

Jeanne-Mance Street spans nearly the entire island of Montreal, but in several discontinuous portions. It starts at the south at Viger Street and continues to Pine Avenue but does not connect to it. It resumes north of Jeanne-Mance Park, from Mount Royal Avenue to Van Horne Avenue. Another section goes from Beaubien Street up to the Canadian Pacific tracks. Several other stretches bring it, along the same axis, to Gouin Boulevard.

Complexe Desjardins, the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, and UQAM's President Kennedy building are all located along this street.

Protected Houses[edit]

Between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street, on the west side, a series of Victorian-style houses with culturally significant façades were saved from demolition.


Coordinates: 45°30′32″N 73°34′11″W / 45.50889°N 73.56972°W / 45.50889; -73.56972