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J.M. Dillard, Tampa, Florida "Star Trek" convention 1989.

Jeanne Kalogridis (pronounced Jean Kal-o-GREED-us), also known by the pseudonym J.M. Dillard (born 1954), is a writer of historical, science and horror fiction.

She was born in Florida and studied at the University of South Florida, earning first a BA in Russian and then an MA in Linguistics. After college she taught English as a foreign language at the American University in Washington, D.C., before moving to the West Coast.

Bibliography of works[edit]

The Diaries of the Family Dracul[edit]

  • Covenant with the Vampire (1995)
  • Children of the Vampire (1996)
  • Lord of the Vampires (1997)


  • Specters (1991) (as J.M. Dillard)
  • The Burning Times (1997)
  • The Borgia Bride (2005)
  • I, Mona Lisa (2006) (UK title: Painting Mona Lisa)
  • The Devil's Queen (2009)
  • The Scarlet Contessa: A Novel of the Italian Renaissance (2010)
  • The Inquisitor's Wife (2013)
  • The Orphan of Florence (2017)

Movie Novelizations[edit]

Star Trek: The Original Series[edit]

  • Mindshadow (1985)
  • Demons (1986)
  • Bloodthirst (1987)
  • The Lost Years (1989)
  • Recovery (1995)

Star Trek Movie Novelizations[edit]

Star Trek: The Next Generation[edit]

  • Possession (1996) (with Kathleen O'Malley)
  • Resistance (2007)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[edit]

Star Trek: Enterprise[edit]

War of the Worlds[edit]

Other books[edit]

  • Star Trek: Where No One Has Gone Before - A History in Pictures (1994)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook - The Movie: Generations & First Contact (1998) (with John Eaves)


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