Jeanne Stunyo

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Jeanne Stunyo
Personal information
Born April 11, 1936

Jeanne Georgette Stunyo (born April 11, 1936 in Gary, Indiana) is a former world-class diver who earned a silver medal on the three-meter springboard at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.[1]

At those same Games, Irene MacDonald finished in third place to become Canada's first Olympic medalist in diving. Standing at the top of the awards podium was gold medalist Patricia McCormick of the United States.[2]

Prior to her performance at the 1956 Olympics, Jeanne Stunyo was a three-meter springboard finalist at the 1952 US Olympic Trials; Jeanne also won a silver medal at the 1955 Pan-American Games in Mexico City.[3]

Coached by four-time Olympian, Clarence Pinkston, Jeanne Stunyo and teammate Barbara Sue Gilders competed for the Detroit Athletic Club; Jeanne also attended the University of Detroit.


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