Jeanne d'Arc station

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Jeanne d'Arc
Ottawa Transitway station
Owned by OC Transpo
Parking 60 spaces
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
toward Baseline
Route 91
toward Trim
Route 95
toward Trim
toward Bayshore
Route 103
toward Carleton
Route 104

Jeanne d'Arc station is a stop on Ottawa's Rapid Transit Network. It is located at the interchange of Regional Road 174 and Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard in Orleans in the east end of the city of Ottawa.[1]

While this stop existed for several years as a connection point between local routes in Orleans and Route 95, OC Transpo had identified it as an official station starting in Fall 2006 and the construction of a new transit station by 2009, according to its transitway map.[2]

A small park and ride facility opened in 2006 south of the eastbound lanes near Youville Drive. However, one must travel across the Jeanne d'Arc overpass to get access to the westbound stop.


The following routes service Jeanne d'Arc Station:
Rapid Routes: 91 95 104
Local Routes: 30 131 132
Peak-Only Routes: 34 38 103 199
Connexion Routes: 231 234 237
Event Routes: 405 455
School Routes: 678

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