Jeanneke Pis

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Coordinates: 50°50′55″N 4°21′15″E / 50.84861°N 4.35417°E / 50.84861; 4.35417

Jeanneke Pis
Jeanneke Pis.jpg
Year 1985: creation
1987: erection
Type Limestone
Dimensions 50 cm (20 in)
Location Brussels

Jeanneke Pis is a modern fountain and statue in Brussels, which was intended to form a counterpoint to the city's Manneken Pis, south of the Grand Place.

It was commissioned by Denis-Adrien Debouvrie in 1985 and erected in 1987.[1][2][3] The half-metre-high statue of blue-grey limestone depicts a little girl with her hair in short pigtails, squatting and urinating.


It is located on the east side of the Impasse de la Fidélité / Getrouwheidsgang (Fidelity Alley), a narrow cul-de-sac some 30 metres long leading northwards off the restaurant-packed Rue des Bouchers / Beenhouwersstraat. The sculpture is now protected by iron bars from vandalism.

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