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Jeannette Délali Ahonsou-Abotsi (born 1954 in Lavie, Togo) is a Togolese novelist. She holds an English Degree from the University of Benin (current University of Lomé) and is a retired English instructor. She has two published books, Une Longue Histoire, which earned her the Prix Littéraire France-Togo in 1995,[1][2] and Le Trophee de Cristal published in 2005.[3]


  • Ahonsu, Jeannette (1999). Une Longue Histoire (in French). Lomé: Editions Akpagnon. ISBN 2-86427-054-4. 
  • —— (2005). Le Trophee de Cristal (in French). Lomé: Les Editions de la Rose Bleue. ISBN 2-914567-07-3. 


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