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Jebchit is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°21′50″N 35°25′48″E / 33.36389°N 35.43000°E / 33.36389; 35.43000Coordinates: 33°21′50″N 35°25′48″E / 33.36389°N 35.43000°E / 33.36389; 35.43000
Grid position 121/159 L
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Nabatieh Governorate
District Nabatieh District
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Jebchit (in Arabic جبشيت) is a village in the Nabatieh Governorate region of southern Lebanon located north of the Litani River.


In 1596, it was named as a village, Jibsid, in the Ottoman nahiya (subdistrict) of Sagif under the liwa' (district) of Safad, with a population of 39 households and 10 bachelors, all Muslim. The villagers paid a fixed tax-rate of 25 % on agricultural products, such as wheat, barley, olive trees, fruit trees, goats, beehives and "Occasional revenues"; a total of 5,040 akçe.[1][2]

In 1875 Victor Guérin found here a village of 400 Metualis, and a Wali, named Nabi Seth.[3]

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