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Native to Morocco
Ethnicity Jbalas, Ghomaras, Sanhajas de Srayr
Language codes
ISO 639-3 (included in ary)
Glottolog jebl1238[1]
Nord du Maroc, carte ethno-linguistique.PNG
Ethnolinguistic map of northern Morocco: purple represents Jebli-speaking areas, blue represents other pre-Hilalian Arabic-speaking areas (old Urban, Zerhoun and Sefrou area)

Jebli (Jebelia) is a pre-Hilalian Arabic dialect spoken in the mountains of the north of Morocco heavily influenced by Berber language.

The word jebli means "of/from the mountain". It is mainly spoken in the northwest of Morocco by tribes of arab Sherifian and Morisco descent as well as (primarily) Berbers who were Arabized over the past ten centuries.

  • Jbalas: all the forty-four tribes speak Jebli Arabic ;
  • Ghomaras: out of nine tribes, seven are fully Jebli-speaking, the two remaining are partially Jebli-speaking with a significant Ghomara Berber-speaking community ;
  • Sanhajas de Srayr: one Jebli-speaking tribe –Ketama– out of ten tribes, the remaining (nine) speak Sanhaja Berber ;
  • Riffians: out of twenty tribes, two are fully or partially Arabophone; among them, one speaks partially Mountain Arabic − Aït Boufrah − while the last one – Ait Settout– speaks (partially) Hilalian Arabic ;
  • Ghiatas, Maghraouas and Meknassas: the three tribes –that aren't part of any larger confederacy– are fully Jebli-speaking ;
  • Tribes of Zerhoun (Zerahnas) and the neighborhood of Sefrou (Kechtala, Behalil and Yazgha): although not belonging to the same ethno-linguistic group than Jebalas, their pre-Hilalian dialects are sometimes classified as belonging to the same macro-family (westernmost pre-Hilalian village dialects) than Jebli.

Jebli is heavily influenced by Berber; the grammar of Jebli is almost Berber while most the words are Arabic. The vocabulary is highly influenced by Spanish.

Examples of Jebli[edit]

Jebli English translation Same word in an other language
trawzez blue jeans trowsers (English)
assallas darkness tillas (Berber)
karretera carretera road (Spanish)
ntina you
Eayel, tfel boy
stito little (Berber)
ħami warm
qayla sun
jjro dog (Arabic)
yemma mom (Berber)

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