Jecheon AIDS scandal

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Jecheon AIDS scandal
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 堤川艾滋病性醜聞, 堤川艾滋病事件
Simplified Chinese 堤川艾滋病性醜聞, 堤川艾滋病事件
Korean name
Hangul 제천 에이즈 스캔들 or 제천 에이즈 사건
Hanja 堤川 ADIS 性醜聞, 堤川 ADIS 事件

Jecheon AIDS Scandal (Korean: 제천 에이즈 스캔들, Hanja: 堤川 AIDS 醜聞) and Jecheon AIDS Crime (Korean: 제천 에이즈 사건, Hanja: 堤川 AIDS 事件, Revised Romanization of Korean: Jecheon AIDS Sageon) was a sex scandal in South Korea that lasted from 2003 to April 2009.[1] It is also known as the Jecheon Crisis.

Since 2003, hundreds of sexually active men and women around Jecheon, Chungcheong province, have become infected with HIV. The suspect was found to be a 27-year-old taxi driver, arrested on March 11, 2009, on suspicions of stealing women's underwear.[2] Police raided his apartment and found a stash of 400 pairs of women's underwear and several amateur pornographic movies filmed on a mobile phone.

The suspect was later revealed to be HIV positive, having been turned away from military service in 2003.

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