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JediMUD logo.png
Developer(s)Project community
Platform(s)Platform independent
  • WW: 1992
Genre(s)Cross-genre MUD

JediMUD is a MUD, an online text-based role-playing game that has been open to the public since August 28, 1992.[1] It is based on the CircleMUD derivative of the DikuMUD code-base.


A screenshot from JediMUD showing the entrance to a newbie area.

In its infancy, JediMUD was created by the Department of Psychology at Johns Hopkins University in an effort to study human behavior. On occasion, one of the original creators of the game would recruit people for more specific studies. Since then, JediMUD has been included in various technical, psychological, philosophical and historical whitepapers.[2][3]


In September 1995, JediMUD was named Mud of the Month by The Mud Connector.[1]


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