Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

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Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple
Jedi Training Academy Logo.jpg
Jedi Training Academy logo
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Area Echo Lake
Coordinates 28°21′18″N 81°33′35″W / 28.3550986°N 81.5597773°W / 28.3550986; -81.5597773
Status Operating
Opening date October 9, 2007
(original version)[1][2][3]
December 1, 2015 (current version)[3]
Closing date October 5, 2015 (original version)[4]
Area Tomorrowland
Coordinates 33°48′45″N 117°55′02″W / 33.8123827°N 117.9171307°W / 33.8123827; -117.9171307
Status Operating
Opening date October 1, 2006 (original version)[5]
December 8, 2015 (current version)[6]
Closing date November 15, 2015 (original version)
Disneyland Park Paris
Name Jedi Training Academy
Area Discoveryland
Coordinates 48°52′27″N 2°46′41″E / 48.874227°N 2.778093°E / 48.874227; 2.778093
Status Operating
Opening date July 11, 2015[7]
Hong Kong Disneyland
Name 絕地聖殿武士特訓
Area Tomorrowland
Status Operating
Soft opening date June 23, 2016
Opening date June 25, 2016
Replaced UFO Zone
General statistics
Theme Star Wars
Participants per group 16+
Duration 20 minutes[8]
Age restriction 4–12 years old[8][9]
7–12 years old (Paris)[10]
Handicapped/disabled access Wheelchair accessible

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple (previously known as Jedi Training Academy) is a guest experience based on the Jedi teachings found in the Star Wars series, located next to Star Tours–The Adventures Continue in the Echo Lake area at Disney's Hollywood Studios, at the Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland, inside Videopolis in Discoveryland at Disneyland Park Paris[10] and at the original UFO Zone area in Hong Kong Disneyland.

The original version, Jedi Training Academy, closed at Walt Disney World on October 5, 2015, and reopened as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple on December 1, 2015, with new characters from Star Wars Rebels.[3] The Disneyland version closed November 15, 2015, and reopened as Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple on December 8, 2015. The premiere at Hong Kong Disneyland opened in June 25, 2016, as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.[11]

Jedi Training Academy[edit]

In the original version, sixteen or more children sign up for each session at the beginning of the day to be Jedi Younglings and participate in a training session by the Jedi Master. They are provided training lightsabers and Jedi robes. As the master completes the instruction of a simple combination of lightsaber attacks to the children, Darth Vader, Darth Maul and two stormtroopers appear. Each Jedi trainee can choose face off with either Maul or Vader until everyone has got to fight a villain, which is when the villains retreat back to the stage, outnumbered (the trainees on the stage fought Vader, while those on the ground fought Maul).

After Vader and Maul leave through a door on stage (in Disneyland, the stage raises and lowers Maul and Vader instead of them going through a door), the stormtroopers try to flee as well, but the door is closed because Vader and Maul left a little before they tried to flee, and the master uses the Force to open the door to let the stormtroopers leave. The children, now Padawans, are congratulated on their mastering of the Force by Yoda, then return the training lightsabers and robe, and are given a diploma for their participation.[2][3]

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple[edit]

In Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, the group again goes through the training with the Jedi master (Vanzell Mar-Klar) and a Jedi Apprentice (Nedriss Narr). Then, the group uses the force to open the doors to the Temple. Darth Vader comes out, followed by The Seventh Sister. Each trainee on the upper platform fights Vader, while each trainee on the lower platform fights The Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels. After each trainee has faced off with a villain, Vader and The Seventh Sister turn to leave. Right before they would go through the doors, they turn around to seemingly fight again. The Jedi master then leads the trainees in using the Force to push The Seventh Sister and Vader back into the Temple.

Darth Maul then comes out of the Temple and begins a fight with the Jedi Apprentice. Yoda then speaks to the Apprentice, who had previously been trying to stay out of the fight. The Apprentice then battles and defeats Maul. Right before killing Maul, the trainees tell the Apprentice to stop. The Apprentice lets Maul live, and Maul goes back into the Temple. Maul comes back out and the trainees once again use the Force and push Maul back into the Temple. Trainees then return the training lightsabers and robe, and are given a diploma for their participation.[12]

On February 21, 2016, Kylo Ren replaced Darth Maul at Disney's Hollywood Studios.[13][14] At Disneyland, Kylo Ren made his first appearance in the show, replacing Darth Maul, on March 5, 2016.

Star Wars Weekends[edit]

Jedi Training Academy originally was a part of Star Wars Weekends and only took place during it.[3] While it is now being featured daily throughout the year, it was especially popular during Star Wars Weekends.

Other locations[edit]



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