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Type of site
Fan site / Wiki
Available in German
Owner Jedipedia e.V.
Slogan(s) "Entdecke das Star Wars Universum" (“Discover the Star Wars Universe”)
Alexa rank 432,281 (October 2014)[1]
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Users 5,900
Launched October 16, 2005
Current status Active with over 31,800 articles (as of September 10, 2013). is an open German language online Fan Wiki on the subject of ‘’Star Wars’’. It is the largest wiki of its kind in German language and the second largest worldwide. The project is written almost entirely from an in-universe perspective and is free to use and edit for everyone due to the Wiki principles. The name Jedipedia is a portmanteau of Jedi and encyclopedia, a pun on the name of Wikipedia. It is supported juridically and financially by the registered Association “Jedipedia e.V.”.


Jedipedia was founded on October 16, 2005, under the name “Das Star Wars-Wiki” and was renamed into "Jedipedia" on March 31, 2006. A few weeks later, the partnership with the English Star Wars Wiki “Wookieepedia” was established, making Jedipedia an official partner page. At its fifth anniversary, Jedipedia had 20,000 articles. It currently counts more than 31,800.

On June 11, 2011, the webmaster of Jedipedia informed the community of his intention to move the wiki to the commercial Wikihoster Wikia. After his announcement nearly the whole community opposed this plan and decided to operate the Jedipedia further independently as a Fork. On June 18, the Jedipedia was opened again under the new domain: “” The wiki was undertaken reformers in the structure of the organisation, so was the registered Association founded as a frame for legal issues. In September 2011, the Team of the was in tradition of the project the first time presented on a Star Wars Convention with a stand on the Noris Force Con III in Nürnberg. As the team had been before on the Jedi-Con in 2008 and 2010 to work with the Star Wars Fans.[2][3] also established a partnership with the official Star Wars Fan Club shortly after the launch of the Wiki under the new domain. This partnership includes the supervision of an own section in the magazine published by the club every quarter year. Since December 25, 2011, also publishes the German translation of the non-commercial Star Wars webcomic "Blue Milk Special".[4]

The Database, a part in every issue of the official German Star Wars journal (Star Wars: Das offizielle Magazin) since issue 44, is presented by It features different aspects of the Star Wars universe, often brought to the reader in a different way. For example, "The Art of War" (Die Kunst des Krieges), a three-part essay, portrayed weaponry and fighting styles in the Star Wars universe.


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