Jedna si jedina

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Jedna si jedina
English: You Are the One and Only
You Are the One And Unique

Former national anthem of  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lyrics Dino Merlin, 1992
Music Dino Merlin
Adopted November 1992
Relinquished 10 February 1998

"Jedna si jedina" ("You Are the One and Only") was the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1998.[1]


The music was taken from the old Bosnian folk song "S one strane Plive" ("On the far bank of the Pliva river" or "On the other side of the Pliva river"), and the lyrics were written by Bosnian singer Dino Merlin. It was adopted in November 1992, several months after independence in March 1992. A new anthem, "The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina", was adopted in 1999. "Jedna si jedina" is still considered to be the de facto national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina by many Bosniaks; many Bosniaks still sing this song because they believe that it should be the national anthem of the state as the current anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have any official lyrics.[2]