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The Jeep trailer was a small 1/4-ton cargo trailer designed to be towed by U.S. Army Jeeps.


When the Army developed the Willys MB it needed a cargo trailer that would track behind the vehicle. The first trailer was called the "Trailer, 1/4-ton, 2W, cargo, Amphibian". The second version which was built for the Willys M38, was called the M100 trailer, and the third version, for the M151 was called the M416 trailer.


  • The World War II version came in both the standard, and K-38A versions. the K-38A was a modification of the K-38 trailer for the U.S. Army Signal Corps
  • The Korean War version, or M100 was also modified into the M367 trailer for the Signal corps. and also came in a plain chassis the M116.
  • The Canadian Army version, or M101CDN very closely resembles the M100, except it was manufactured in Winnipeg at Motor Coach Industries (MCI) or the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • The Vietnam War version, or M416 came in the following modifications. M416A1, M416B1, M569 chassis, and V-498 trailer for AN/TTC-41.
M416 trailer

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