Jeeva (1995 film)

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Jeeva (1995 film)
Directed by Syed Noor
Produced by Suhail Butt
Starring Babar Ali
Javed Sheikh
Ghulam Mohiuddin
Music by M. Arshad
Cinematography Ali Jan
Release date
  • 3 March 1995 (1995-03-03)
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Jeeva (Urdu: جیوا) is an Urdu Pakistani film directed by Syed Noor. It introduced Babar Ali and Resham into Lollywood and turned them into stars. The film was also acclaimed at the foreign festivals where it was screened. The shrine of Hazrat Ayub Ansari in Istanbul, Turkey was picturized in this film. Nadeem played the title role and two new faces were seen on silver screen, Resham and Babar Ali, but this film was a big milestone for playback singer Anwar Rafi who had been struggling to make a name for himself for many years and then finally had success in this film. Famous folk singer Shaukat Ali sang his only duet song with Madam Noor Jehan in this film.It was a Platinum Jubilee mega-hit movie of 1995 with superb music by music director M. Arshad.[1][2]

Super-hit songs from this film[edit]

  • "Januun Suun Zara,Palkain Tau Uthha" Sung by Anwar Rafi, song lyrics by Saeed Gillani,music by M. Arshad
  • "Chhu Lay Agar Tujhko Hawa,Tau Lagta Hai Yeh Mujhko Burra", Sung by Anwar Rafi and Humaira Channa, song lyrics by
Saeed Gillani and music by M. Arshad.[3]


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