Jeevan Ek Sanghursh

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Jeevan Ek Sanghursh
जीवन एक संघर्ष
Jeevan Ek Sanghursh.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Rahul Rawail
Produced by D. Rama Naidu
Written by Javed Akhtar
Screenplay by Javed Akhtar
Starring Raakhee
Anil Kapoor
Madhuri Dixit
Music by Laxmikant–Pyarelal
Cinematography K.S. Prakash Rao
Edited by K. A. Marthand
Release date
3 August 1990
Running time
160 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Jeevan Ek Sanghursh (English: Life is a Struggle, Hindi: जीवन एक संघर्ष) is a 1990 Bollywood film directed by Rahul Rawail and produced by D. Rama Naidu. It stars Raakhee, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in the leading roles. The film was successful and was the tenth highest grossing Bollywood film of 1990.[1] Rawail's father H. S. Rawail was also a film director, best known for romantic films like Mere Mehboob (1963), Mehboob Ki Mehndi (1971) and Laila Majnu (1976). By titling this film as Jeevan Ek Sanghursh, Rawail paid a tribute to one of his father's film Sunghursh (1968), based on a novel written by the Bengali author Mahashweta Devi. The film was set in the 19th century and showcased the lives of bandits and stars actors like Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Balraj Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar and Jayant.[2]


Widowed Sulakshana Devi (Raakhee) has three children: two sons, Arjun (Kanwaljit Singh) and Karan, and a daughter, Suman (Shehnaz Kudia). They live in a rented house and the landlord behaves badly with Sulakshana Devi and robs all her money. Karan decides to rob the landlord but gets caught and is sent to the children's remand home. Sulakshana Devi decides to visit Karan before they leave for Mumbai but realises that he ran away from the remand home. Karan also makes his way to Mumbai, where he is picked up by a garage owner.

During a road-side fight, grown up Karan (Anil Kapoor) is caught by police and is offered to work for Devraj Kamat (Anupam Kher), a criminal mastermind. Karan refuses the offer but Kamat informs his rival Rattan Dholakia (Paresh Rawal). Rattan frames Karan for a murder of a police officer but is freed way by Kamat when he agrees to work together. Karan tries to meet his family through Arjun (Kanwaljit Singh) and Suman (Shehnaz Kudia) but Sulakshana Devi refuses to accept him. Various incident leads Karan to meet and fall in love with Madhu (Madhuri Dixit) and he decides to leave the underworld. However, Kamat and Dholakia join hands to destroy Karan as he was critical part of their underworld operations.



All lyrics written by Javed Akhtar; all music composed by Laxmikant–Pyarelal[3].

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Jeevan Ek Sanghursh Hai — I" Mohammed Aziz, Kavita Krishnamurthy 6:00
2. "Mil Gayee O Mujhe Mil Gayee" Amit Kumar, Alka Yagnik 5:13
3. "Bach Ke Tu Jayegi Kahan" Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthy 6:00
4. "He Baba Re Baba" Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthy 6:54
5. "Husn Ki Malika Main" Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthy 5:00
6. "Jeevan Ek Sanghursh Hai — II" Mohammed Aziz, Kavita Krishnamurthy 3:13
Total length: 32:20


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