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Jeff Crook is a novelist, author, and former technical writer for the United States Postal Service.[1]


Jeff Crook's first Dragonlance novel, The Rose and the Skull, was published in March 1999.[2] His other novels for the Dragonlance setting include The Thieves' Guild (2000), Conundrum (2001), and Dark Thane (2003).[3] One of Crook's stories was also included in the 2000 Dragonlance anthology, Rebels and Tyrants.[2] His story, "The Fractal," appeared in Relics and Omens, his poetry in "The Final Word," and his AD&D adventures in Dungeon Magazine.[2] He was later the editor of Campaigns, the newsletter for the Southern Realms region of the RPGA.[2] He has also had short stories published in the anthology The Search for Magic: Tales from the War of Souls (2001), and co-authored Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume One (2001).

Crook also wrote short stories for the Sovereign Stone world setting.[4]

Crook co-designed the Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook, Champions of Ruin, published in 2005 for the Forgotten Realms setting.

Crook also wrote a paranormal murder mystery set in Memphis, Tennessee called The Sleeping and the Dead,[5] which centers on the life of a former police detective named Jackie Lyons who has the ability to see the dead.[1]


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