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Jeff F. King (sometimes credited simply as Jeff King) is a Canadian screenwriter, comic writer, television producer and film director. King served as co-executive (1994–95) and then executive producer (1995–96) for the Canadian television series Due South[1] and was the co-recipient of three Gemini Awards. He then worked as the producer of the CBS show EZ Streets and as co-executive producer for Stargate SG-1.[2] His other television credits include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Models Inc., Relic Hunter, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, Mutant X, Dinosapien and White Collar.

As a comic writer, he created the character Telos, the decoy central antagonist-turned anti hero in DC Comics's Convergence series, which he wrote, and he is currently writing a Convergence spinoff comic focusing on the character.


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