Jeff Gordon XS Racing

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Jeff Gordon XS Racing
Jeff Gordon XS Racing cover.jpg
PC cover
Developer(s)Real Sports (PC)
Natsume (GBC)
Publisher(s)ASC Games
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Game Boy Color
  • NA: May 31, 1999
Game Boy Color

Jeff Gordon XS Racing is a 1999 racing video game for the PC and Game Boy Color. The game features three time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon. The game's Game Boy version has link cable support.[2]


Set in the year 2012,[3] Jeff Gordon XS Racing lets the player drive a "next-generation" stock car against 39 other drivers (four other drivers in the Game Boy version), and any damage that the car sustains will repair itself. The game has a time trial mode, where the player can practice and try to achieve their fastest lap on the track.[4] The game has a championship mode, where the player takes part in a ten-race series. After the player finishes the first season, Gordon will appear as an opposing driver, with a higher AI than the others. The game also has sponsorships from companies like Pepsi, Fritos, and 7-Eleven.[5]


In 1997 NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and ASC Games announced that they were collaborating on a line of racing video games.[6][7] Gordon was involved in the development of the game, giving developers feedback and tuning instructions.[8] Plans for PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions were cancelled.[9][10]


Daniel Erickson reviewed the PC version of the game for Next Generation, rating it two stars out of five, and stated that "Gordon's #1 on the track, but this well conceived yet repetitive effort lands squarely toward the back of the pack."[11]

IGN gave the PC version a 7.10/10, praising the presentation and gameplay, but criticized the game audio.[12] However, IGN gave the Game Boy Color version a 5.0/10, commenting that the game doesn't have any "real flair".[2] GameSpot gave the PC edition a 6.9/10, complimenting the support for 40 cars, but questioned the lack of multiplayer and screen resolution of 640x480.[5]


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