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Jeff Lebow
Jeff lebow.jpg
Born (1966-08-23)August 23, 1966
Residence USA
Known for Community building

Jeff Lebow (born August 23, 1966) is a webcasting pioneer and community builder and internet philanthropist in the fields of online learning and new media. Jeff is the founder of Worldbridges[1] and the co-founder of EdTechTalk. He has long been an advocate of the value of live interactive webcasting as a vehicle of social change and cross-cultural understanding. He has personally supported or actually produced over 500 webcasts and currently is the sole financial supporter of an elaborate community of communities through his company worldbridges.

Early Web Experience[edit]

Worldbridges was originally formed in 1994 as company dedicated to bringing different cultures together in productive discourse online.

Community Development[edit]

In 1997 he created his first full fledged community site at a community portal for English speaking expatriates living in South Korea. This community evolved to include as well as a series of affiliate websites that served several large cities on the peninsula.

Live Interactive Webcasting[edit]

In 2003 Jeff organized a live interactive webcast between an educational conference in Seoul, South Korea and 70 teachers in China. In early 2005 Jeff co-founded EdTechTalk which developed into an international community of educators producing 8 weekly educational webcasts on a variety of topics.

Recent Developments[edit]

Upon graduation from Cornell University, Jeff decided to switch gears and pursue a career in sports. He currently works in Baseball Operations for the New York Mets.[2]

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