Jeff Mackler

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Jeff Mackler
NationalityUnited States
Known forNational secretary of Socialist Action

Jeff Mackler is an American activist from San Francisco, California. Mackler is the national secretary of Socialist Action, a Trotskyist political party.[1] He was the nominee of Socialist Action for United States Senate in 2006 and President of the United States in the 2016 election. In both cases, Mackler was a write-in candidate.[2] His candidacy was endorsed by the Freedom Socialist Party.[3]

Mackler founded Northern California Climate Mobilization, is a longtime teacher and union activist with the American Federation of Teachers in Hayward, California and is director of the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. He is an alumnus of Antioch College.


  • Rapid conversion to 100% renewable energy to stop fossil-fuel-induced climate change
  • For a just transition: Guaranteed jobs at top union wages for all workers displaced in the conversion to renewable energy
  • Quality, universal government-paid health care and education
  • Abolition of all racist, sexist, and homophobic laws and practices.
  • Affordable housing and jobs for all at top union wages
  • For $15 and a union now, as a short first step toward a minimum wage high enough to sustain quality living standards
  • Abolition of the U.S. war machine
  • Amnesty, legalization, and equal rights for all immigrants
  • For a Labor Party based on a revitalized, democratic, and expanded labor movement that is allied with the oppressed and exploited
  • For a workers’ government! Abolish capitalism! For socialism![4]


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