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Jeff Muendel is an author, Hammond organist/keyboardist, and electric guitarist who has written several novels and played with bands including Rattlebone, Backbiter, Circus of Power, Masters of Reality, The Silos, Hum Machine, and Instead We Smile.

Early life and education[edit]

Muendel grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Music career[edit]

Muendel began playing in cover bands at age 18. In 1991, he moved to Hollywood, California, and he began playing music with neighbor and bass player Roger Deering. Deering had previously been in a Florida punk band called The Drills. He and drummer Kerry Furlong had moved from Miami to Los Angeles to start a new band. The three musicians added Brendon McNichol on guitar and the band was established. [1]

The Drills[edit]

The early shows were performed under the old name, The Drills, because of the reputation they had developed with that name, including one album release. The group was "discovered" by producer Dave Jerden, who is also credited with discovering and developing Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, and The Offspring.


The group was signed to Hollywood Records, and at the label's request, the group changed its name to Rattlebone. With Jerden at the helm, they released a 5-song EP in 1992 and recorder a full-length LP in 1993/94 that was never released. McNichol left Rattlebone in 1995 when the record label dropped the band in response to the grunge movement. The remaining group split in 1996.


Muendel went on to briefly join a version of Circus of Power and then spent three years in the L.A. punk group Backbiter. He played on one release by Man's Ruin Records.

The Motor Primitives[edit]

From 2006 - 2009, Muendel played organ and guitar in The Motor Primitives, a band based in Madison, Wisconsin featuring former members of Tar Babies and The Appliances SFB.

Instead We Smile[edit]

Since 2014, Muendel has been the guitarist in Instead We Smile, a hard rock band based in Madison, Wisconsin with Ed Feeny of The Appliances SFB.


In 1998, Muendel left California to attend graduate school on the East Coast. He has published two novels set in the world of rock and roll including The Volume Tribes. His books often deal with themes within the world of rock music, and his work is often categorized as "Rock Lit". He is also an editor for Maximum Ink Magazine and continues to compose, play and record as an organist and guitarist.