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Jeff Singer
Born (1971-03-31) 31 March 1971 (age 48)
Manchester, England
LabelsGUN Records

Jeff Singer (born 31 March 1971 in Manchester, England) is a British musician and drummer, currently for the bands My Dying Bride (2018–present), Soldierfield (2012–present),[1] and Kill II This (who reformed in 2016); and formerly for the bands China Beach (1992–1994), Blaze (1999–2003), City of God (2004–2006), and Paradise Lost.

Singer auditioned to be in Paradise Lost in 1994 after Matthew Archer quit, but was not chosen - because of having a pink drum kit. In 2004, when Paradise Lost's drummer Lee Morris (the drummer who beat Singer in the Audition for the spot in the band in '94) quit, Singer was finally chosen to be in the band, which was conflicting for him as he was to be the drummer for another British Metal band Rise To Addiction, but committed to Paradise Lost just in time to play on the band's Forever After single, as the band were about to record it. Singer was not officially hired into the band until Paradise Lost's single The Enemy in 2007. Singer announced his departure from the band on 13 August 2008, just before a scheduled South American tour, because he wanted to be with his family and had an upcoming job. As a result, Paradise Lost had to cancel the South American tour dates they had planned, though they have since hired a new drummer, Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Cradle of Filth), and reconfirmed the tour.[2] There had been a few times that Singer filled in for Erlandsson on occasional Paradise Lost shows, when Erlandsson was unable to play for the band.


Album or Song Band Year
Six Bullet Russian Roulette China Beach 1994
Deviate Kill II This 1998
Silicon Messiah Blaze 2000
Tenth Dimension Blaze 2002
As Live As It Gets Blaze 2003
Forever After Paradise Lost 2005
All You Leave Behind Paradise Lost 2005
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost 2005
The Enemy Paradise Lost 2007
In Requiem Paradise Lost 2007
Over the Madness Paradise Lost 2007
The Anatomy of Melancholy Paradise Lost 2008
Lost in Time (10-11) Paradise Lost 2012
Tragic Illusion 25 (9-12) Paradise Lost 2013


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