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Jeff St John, also known as Jeffrey St. John (born Jeffrey Leo Newton[1] 22 April 1946, in Newtown, Sydney), is an Australian singer who gained fame for top ten hits with Teach Me How to Fly, Big Time Operator[2] and Fool in Love.[3] St John was born with spina bifida.

He appeared with a number of bands during the late 1960s and early 1970s including; John The Syndicate aka The Wild Oats (1965), The Id[4] (1966–67) with Bob Bertles (tenor sax '67), Jeff St John & Yama (1967–68), Jeff St John & Copperwine (1969-72), with Harry Brus (bass 70-72) and Wendy Saddington (co-lead vocals 70-71), Jeff St John Band (1972–73) and, Red Cloud (1975-76)[5]

In 1988 as part of Australian Bicentenary celebrations along with many other Australian celebrities St John took part in a video shoot at Ayers Rock called Celebration of a Nation.[6]

St John has been involved in educating people about disabilities and is a member of spina bifida support group MOSAIC.[3] He appeared at the opening of the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney where he sang the Australian National Anthem.[5][7]


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