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Jefferson P. Swycaffer (born 1956 (1956))[1] is a fifth-generation Californian who lives in San Diego, where he is active in local science fiction fandom.


Swycaffer wrote seven unofficial books based on Traveller, four published by Avon Books (1984-1986) beginning with Not in Our Stars, and three by New Infinities Productions (1988).[2]:238 His works for New Infinities included the "Tales of the Concordat" trilogy (1988),[2]:237 beginning with The Empire's Legacy and Voyage of the Planetsmasher.[2]:238 He later wrote two creator-owned books for TSR, Warsprite (1991) and Web of Futures (1992).[2]:238

Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction includes a Swycaffer story.[3]




  1. Not in Our Stars (1984)
  2. The Universal Prey (1985)
  3. Become the Hunted (1985)[4]
  4. The Praesidium of Archive (1986)

Tales of the Concordat[edit]

  1. The Empire's Legacy (1988)
  2. Voyage of the Planetslayer (1988)
  3. Revolt and Rebirth (1988)


  • Warsprite (1990)
  • Web of Futures (1991)


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