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Not to be confused with Jeff Weise.
For the president of Lesley University, see Jeff A. Weiss.

Jeffrey Weiss (born 1940) is an American playwright, impresario and actor both on Broadway and a theater he ran with his partner Richard Martinez in the East Village, in New York City. His work was presented in La Mama and Cafe Cino.[1][2]


Weiss grew up in Allentown, PA, with his parents, two brothers and a sister. His surviving brother Steven lives in California. His father was a salesman for Pennsylvania cement companies.[3][4][5] He wrote and acted in plays produced by his partner Richard Martinez, a New Mexican artist. In 1992, Weiss' play Hot Keys won an Obie award.[6] His nephew is actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

He won a Robert Chesley Award in 2000.


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