Jefferson Airplane Platinum & Gold Collection

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The Platinum & Gold Collection
JA Platinum-&-Gold.jpg
Greatest hits album by Jefferson Airplane
Released May 6, 2006
Recorded 1966 - 1969
Genre Psychedelic rock, folk rock
Producer Rob Santos
Gretchen Brennison
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars link

The Platinum & Gold Collection is part of Arista Records' Platinum & Gold Collection. Recorded between 1966 & 1969, this compilation serves as a primer for both the early years of Jefferson Airplane and the golden age of psychedelic rock. The songs were variously produced by Matthew Katz, Tommy Olive, Rick Jarrad, Al Schmitt, and Paul Kantner.

Original Release: BMG

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's No Secret" (Marty Balin) – 2:40 from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (1966)
  2. "Come Up the Years" (Balin, Paul Kantner) – 2:34 from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
  3. "My Best Friend" (Skip Spence) – 3:04 from Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
  4. "Somebody to Love" (Darby Slick) – 3:00 from Surrealistic Pillow
  5. "Comin' Back to Me" (Balin) – 5:23 from Surrealistic Pillow
  6. "Embryonic Journey" (Jorma Kaukonen) – 1:55 from Surrealistic Pillow
  7. "White Rabbit" (Grace Slick) – 2:34 from Surrealistic Pillow
  8. "The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil" (Kantner) – 4:34 from After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
  9. "Watch Her Ride" (Kantner) – 3:13 from After Bathing at Baxter's
  10. "Crown of Creation" (Kantner) – 2:54 from Crown of Creation (1968)
  11. "Greasy Heart" (Slick) – 3:27 from Crown of Creation
  12. "Volunteers" (Balin, Kantner) – 2:04 from Volunteers (1969)


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