Jefferson County Public Schools (West Virginia)

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Jefferson County Schools is the operating school district within Jefferson County, West Virginia. It is governed by the Jefferson County Board of Education.


High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Charles Town Middle School
  • Harpers Ferry Middle School
  • Shepherdstown Middle School
  • Wildwood Middle School

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Blue Ridge Primary School
  • Blue Ridge Elementary School
  • C.W. Shipley Elementary School
  • Driswood Elementary School
  • North Jefferson Elementary School
  • Page-Jackson Elementary School
  • Ranson Elementary School
  • Shepherdstown Elementary School
  • South Jefferson Elementary School
  • T.A. Lowery Elementary School
  • Wright Denny Elementary School

Schools no longer in operation[edit]

  • Bakerton School
  • Charles Town High School
  • Charles Town Junior High School
  • Eagle Avenue School
  • Edgewood School
  • Harpers Ferry High School
  • Harpers Ferry Junior High School
  • Jefferson High Ninth Grade Complex
  • Kabletown Elementary
  • Kearneysville Elementary
  • Middleway Elementary
  • Millville Elementary
  • Page-Jackson High School
  • Ranson Kindergarten Center
  • Rippon Elementary
  • Shenandoah Junction Elementary
  • Shepherdstown High School
  • Shepherdstown Junior High School
  • Summit Point Elementary

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