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Jefferson Park
Jefferson Park Bus Hub.jpg
Bus Terminal at the Jefferson Park Transit Center
Location 4963 North Milwaukee Avenue (Metra)
4917 North Milwaukee Avenue (CTA)
Jefferson Park, Chicago, Illinois 60630
Coordinates 41°58′15″N 87°45′40″W / 41.970766°N 87.761232°W / 41.970766; -87.761232Coordinates: 41°58′15″N 87°45′40″W / 41.970766°N 87.761232°W / 41.970766; -87.761232
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority & Metra
Platforms 1 side platform, 1 island platform (Metra)
1 island platform (CTA)
Tracks 5 (3 Metra, 2 CTA)
Connections Local Transit CTA Buses
Local Transit Pace Buses
Structure type Elevated (Metra)
Surface-Level (CTA)
Platform levels 3
Parking Yes, $1.50 (Independent)
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone B (Metra)
Opened Late-1850s (CStP&FDL)
February 1, 1970 (CTA)
Rebuilt 1958 (C&NW)
1970 (CTA)
Electrified Third rail (CTA)
Passengers (2015) 2,173,168[1]Increase 1.7% (CTA)
Rank 26 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Metra   Following station
toward Harvard or McHenry
Union Pacific Northwest
toward Ogilvie
Chicago "L"
toward O'Hare
Blue Line
toward Forest Park

The Jefferson Park Transit Center is an intermodal passenger transport center, in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It serves as a station for rail and also as a bus terminal. Jefferson Park Transit Center's railroad station is on Metra's Union Pacific/Northwest Line, with the station located at 4963 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Jefferson Park is 8.7 miles (14.0 km) away from Ogilvie Transportation Center in downtown Chicago, the inbound terminus of the Union Pacific/Northwest Line.[2] Under Metra's zone-based fare system, Jefferson Park is in zone B. The station is part of a larger transit center that also includes an 'L' station on the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line, as well as a bus station. The segment for the 'L' is a surface level station with a single island platform, located in the median of the Kennedy Expressway at 4917 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Blue Line trains run at intervals of 2–7 minutes during rush hour, and take 25 minutes to travel to the Loop.[citation needed] This was the terminal for Blue Line trains once the service was extended from Logan Square. The line was extended from Jefferson Park, but some weekday rush hour trips end here.

Station layout[edit]

Platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Metra Union Pacific/Northwest Line toward Harvard or McHenry (Gladstone Park)
Metra Union Pacific/Northwest Line toward Harvard, McHenry, or Ogilvie (Gladstone Park or Irving Park)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Metra Union Pacific/Northwest Line toward Ogilvie (Irving Park)
G Street level entrance Entrance/Exit
Platform level
Northbound Blue Line toward O'Hare (Harlem)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Southbound Blue Line toward Forest Park (Montrose)


The original Jefferson Park Station was built in the late 1850s, by the Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac Railroad[3] at ground level,[4] and became part of the Chicago and North Western Railway when the CStP&F went bankrupt in 1859. C&NW raised it above ground in 1958. On February 1, 1970, Jefferson Park's 'L' station opened as the northwestern terminus of the Kennedy Expressway extension of the CTA's Milwaukee Line (now the Blue Line),[5] as an addition to the Jefferson Park Chicago & North Western depot. The station was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. In 1983, the branch was extended past Jefferson Park to Rosemont. The station was renovated in 2000–2001, and an elevator added to aid access. In 2005, a monument to Thomas Jefferson was placed along the station's entrance along Milwaukee Avenue.


The Metra station has three tracks, a side platform for the inbound local track, and an island platform for the center express track and outbound local track. The side platform serves inbound trains, and the southwest platform serves outbound trains as well as the center track which carries both express trains in both directions as well as trains that short-turn at Des Plaines. However, only two trains stop at Jefferson Park on the center track on weekdays, as the station is bypassed by express trains. A station house open from 5:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. is located on the inbound platform. There is no ticket agent at Jefferson Park, so tickets must be purchased on board the train. Jefferson Park has a park and ride lot operated by Imperial Parking.

The Blue Line station is located in the median, and like all other stations on this segment, has two tracks and one island platform.

Bus connections[edit]


  • 56 Milwaukee
  • 68 Northwest Highway
  • 81 Lawrence (Owl Service)
  • 81W West Lawrence
  • 85 Central
  • 85A North Central
  • 88 Higgins
  • 91 Austin
  • 92 Foster
  • X98 Avon Express


  • 225 Central/Howard
  • 226 Oakton Street
  • 270 Milwaukee Avenue

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  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2015 tally of stations was 146, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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