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Jeffery Keedy, born 1957, is an American graphic designer, type designer, writer and educator. He is notable as an essayist and contributor to books and periodicals on graphic design. He is also notable for the design of Keedy Sans, a typeface acquired in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 2011. [1]

A 1985 graduate of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Keedy has been teaching design at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) since 1985. [2] Keedy was also a frequent contributor to Emigre magazine throughout the twenty years of its publication. His designs and essays have been published in Eye, I.D., Emigre, Critique, Idea, Adbusters, Looking Closer One and Two, Faces on the Edge: Type in the Digital Age, New Design: Los Angeles and The Education of a Graphic Designer.

His typeface Keedy Sans, designed in 1989, is distributed through Emigre Fonts.[1] he has also designed the Hard Times typeface which reassembles the elements of Times New Roman.[2] in the mid 1980s he was a proponent of the view that design should be looked at as a cultural practice connected to themes of popular culture than a problem solving one.[3]




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