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Jeffree Star Cosmetics, INC
FoundedNovember 2014 (November 2014)
FounderJeffree Star
Area served
ProductsCosmetics, beauty products
OwnersJeffree Star
Jeff Cohen
Number of employees

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an American cosmetics company founded by internet personality Jeffree Star.[1] Star claims to have invested his life savings to start the company's makeup line in 2014 with an initial three liquid lipstick colors.[1] The company is estimated to sell US$100 million annually.[2] All products are vegan and cruelty-free.[3] The company is co-owned by Star and his business partner Jeff Cohen.[4][5]


The company was conceived by Star in 2013. Star terminated his music career and invested fully into the company.[6] In November 2014, the cosmetics company launched a collection of 3 Velour liquid lipsticks.[1][7] The company is co-owned by Star and his business partner Jeff Cohen, who was an early investor in the company.[4][5]


The company produces lipsticks, concealers, setting powders, highlighters, lip products, jackets, and mirrors. The company randomly sells mystery boxes on their website, including a mini box, premium box, and deluxe box.[8] Seven products—the "Androgyny" palette, the "Magic Star" setting powder and concealer, the "Velour Liquid Lipstick", the "Thirsty" palette, the "Liquid Frost" highlighter, and the "Blood Sugar" palette—were Cosmopolitan's favorite company products.[9] Products sold by the company are vegan and cruelty-free.[3]


In an interview for Nylon in April 2016, Star revealed the company's first eye shadow palette, titled "Beauty Killer", which was named after his only studio album. He also stated that he wanted to expand the company's products to include his "own moisturizer and foundation".[1] Like the palette following it, it included 10 shades.[10]


In January 2017, Star revealed another eye shadow palette, titled "Androgyny". It was released in March 2017.[11][12] Star named the palette after his "theme [of] life", and colors featured in the palette dramatically changed. He also revealed a "skin frost highlighter palette".[13] The company launched "The Star Family Collection" in October 2017. Some shade names were made from Star's pet Pomeranians.[14][15]


In January 2018, Star revealed the "Blood Sugar" palette, which included 18 shades highlighting red tones. It was released on January 29(PR), and February 10(GLOBAL) respectively in the company's lovesick collection.[16] For the company's summer collection, Star revealed another palette titled "Thirsty".[17]

In August 2018, the first East Coast location to carry the cosmetics line was a Morphe Cosmetics store in Paramus, New Jersey.[18] In October 2018, the company started selling its products in Belgium and the Netherlands,[19] followed by France in November.[20]

In November 2018, Star released an "Alien" palette, coinciding with the release of a holiday collection,[21] which contained liquid lipsticks and lip scrubs.[22] It included the same number of shades as the "Blood Sugar" palette.[21] The aforementioned "skin frost palette", a highlighting palette titled "Supreme Frost Pro", was finally released in December 2018.[23]


In March 2019, a successor to the "Blood Sugar" palette, "Blue Blood", was released. This palette highlighted blue toned shades and featured a casket shape. A collection coinciding with the palette also released.[24] On April 2, 2019, Star announced that one of the company's warehouses had been robbed; around US$2,500,000 was lost. Items stolen from the warehouse included the eyeshadow palette "Blue Blood" and a then-unreleased concealer, Magic Star. Some stolen products were resold on other websites. He consequently announced that "Magic Star" would be launched in May.[25][26][27] As revealed in The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, no leads were discovered by the FBI.[28]

In May 2019, Star revealed the company's first lip gloss collection, titled "The Gloss".[29] In August, Star announced that a collaborative palette with Morphe would be released. In conjunction with the palette, a brush set was launched.[30] Star stated that the collaboration was created mainly to make a palette that has a cheaper price point.[31] Unlike Androgyny, the collaborative palette contained 30 shades.[30] Jawbreaker, the company's "biggest release to date", was released in June 2019, along with a summer collection.[32] A smaller palette titled "Mini Breaker" was also released.[33]

In October 2019, Shane Dawson's documentary series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star showcased behind the scenes of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The series also documents the production of a new product line, created by Star and Dawson.[34] On November 1, 2019, The Conspiracy Collection became available through the company's website and Morphe locations. Excessive traffic resulted in outages on Shopify and lasting hours.[35]

Two mystery boxes were launched on the website, a later one being a Halloween-themed one. The first one was criticized by some for not including beauty products in one box and missing items in another. However, the first one received mostly positive reviews.[8] The second one, released in October 2019, was criticized by some who received broken products.[36]

In 2019, the cosmetics line became available in Singapore[37] and Malaysia.[38] According to Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, as of November 20, 2019, the line is also available in-store in Australia, Bangladesh, Finland, Norway, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.[39][third-party source needed]


In February 2020, Star released his "Blood Lust" collection and palette.[40] In May 2020, Star revealed his "Cremated" collection and palette. The launch of this collection was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[41]

In July 2020, Morphe ceased commercial activities with the company over allegations of racism, blackmail and manipulation against Jeffree Star.[42]

In August 2020, Star released his "Orgy" collection, which was his first nude-colored collection. The collection included the 30 pan Orgy palette, the 9 pan Mini Orgy palette, 6 new lipglosses, a 25-set nude-colored mini lipstick vault, and a new luminous setting powder.[43]

In November 2020, Star released his “Blood Money” collection, this was the fourth palette in the “Blood Collection” and it was green themed. The collection included several other products including accessories, 4 new “The Gloss” shades and the debut of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeliner formula.


In late January 2021, Star introduced the second gloss formula to his brand called the “Supreme Gloss”. Which came in a variety of shades, some new and some which were and are “Velour Liquid Lipstick” shades.

In February, Star announced the release of another collection titled the “Blood Sugar Anniversary Collection” in honour of the anniversary of the original Blood Sugar collection. It will feature a new palette, the “Mini Blood Sugar Palette”, a red themed “Velour Liquid Lipstick” collection, a “Cavity Skin Frost” highlighter palette and a relaunch of the “Blood Sugar” palette. It is to be released on February 26th.


In April 2017, Jeffree Star Cosmetics alongside Jeffree Star and Manny MUA were sued for copyright infringement by Black Moon cosmetics.[44][45] The Case was later settled.[46][47]

In October 2020, Jeffree Star Cosmetics alongside 10 unnamed people were sued by the estate of Anna Nicole Smith for copyright infringement.[48]

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