Jeffrey A. Citron

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Jeffrey A. Citron is the chairman of Vonage, a voice-over-IP phone company. He was previously affiliated with Datek Online, the fourth-largest online stock brokerage at the time of its merger with Ameritrade in September 2002.[1]

Citron was the defendant in a civil enforcement action for securities fraud by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2003.[2] Citron paid approximately $22.5 million of a $70 million settlement to be paid by all the defendants. The SEC said these fines were "among the largest penalty amounts the SEC has ever obtained from individuals."[3] In February 2003, the SEC finalized the settlement, ordering that Citron was "barred from association with any broker or dealer."[4]

In 1999, Citron and his wife Suzanne Lynn founded the Charles Lafitte Foundation (CLF), which has donated over $5 million to nonprofit organizations in the US.[citation needed] The President of CLF is Jennifer McCann Vertetis.[5]