Jeffrey Bloom

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Jeffrey Bloom
Jb image.jpg
Jeffrey Bloom in his studio
Born (1945-04-04) April 4, 1945 (age 71)
New York City
Occupation Screenwriter, film director, film producer
Years active 1972–present

Jeffrey Bloom is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter[1] and photographer, currently residing in Studio City, California. His film projects include Flowers in the Attic, Nightmares, Blood Beach[2] and Dogpound Shuffle.

Early life[edit]

Jeffrey Allen Bloom was born in New York to Sam and Ann Bloom. Ann came from a close-knit Ukrainian Jewish family. Jeffrey's family made several excursions from one coast to the other, finally settling in Los Angeles where Jeffrey attended John Burroughs Junior High. They then moved to the San Fernando Valley where Jeffrey attended San Fernando High School. It was in high school that Jeffrey developed an interest in acting and writing. He studied acting with the famous acting coach Jeff Corey. He began writing and supported himself through a variety of jobs, including a stint operating his own hot dog stand.

Jeffrey had a previous encounter with show business. He was a member of Magicapers, a mid-1950s magic performing group in the art of sleight-of-hand and stage magic. One highlight was a performance at the International Guild of Prestidigiters (IGP) convention in West Hollywood, circa 1955. Another important event was his adaptation with his cousin Stewart of Houdini's trick, "transformation," in which Houdini locks himself into a steamer trunk. When the trunk is opened, Houdini has been replaced by a lovely girl. In Magicaper's performance at John Burroughs, the school librarian was locked in the trunk, and out emerged Tony Curtis, whose younger brother was a student at the school.[citation needed]

Jeffrey pursued writing more and more, and finally his efforts were rewarded by having screen plays accepted, and developing a strong career as a re-write man. Bloom in later years went on to pursue professional photography and fine furniture making.


Year Film Credited as
Director Producer Writer Actor Role
2005 Opa! Yes
1991 Columbo: Death Hits the Jackpot (TV) Yes
1991 Fire: Trapped on the 37th Floor (TV) Yes
1990 Columbo: Columbo Goes to College (TV) Yes
1990 Columbo: Pilot, Agenda for Murder (TV) Yes
1991 Veronica Clare (TV) Yes Yes
1987 Flowers in the Attic Yes Yes
1986 Brotherhood of Justice (TV) Yes
1985 Starcrossed (TV) Yes Yes Yes
1984 Jealousy (TV) Yes Yes
1983 Through Naked Eyes (TV) Yes
1983 Nightmares Yes
1982 Prime Suspect (TV) Yes
1981 Darkroom: Pilot, Catnip (TV) Yes
1980 Blood Beach Yes Yes
1980 Swan Song (TV) Yes
1977 The Stick Up ...aka Mud Yes Yes
1976 Swashbuckler ...aka Scarlet Buccaneer Yes
1975 Dogpound Shuffle ...aka Spot Yes Yes Yes
1974 11 Harrowhouse ...aka Anything for Love (USA: TV title), ...aka Eleven Harrowhouse, ...aka Fast Fortune Yes
1972 Snow Job ...aka The Great Ski Caper (USA: TV title) ...aka The Ski Raiders Yes


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