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Jeffrey Chipps Smith is an American art historian specialising in the Northern Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture. He has published a number of prize winning books on art history.[1] In 2005 he wrote the introduction for a reprint of Erwin Panofsky's classic "The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer".[2] He is an inaugural co-editor of the Journal of the Historians of Netherlandish Art.[3]


  • New Perspectives on the Art of Renaissance Nuremberg: Five Essays. Austin, 1985
  • German Sculpture of the Later Renaissance, c. 1520-1580: Art in an Age of Uncertainty. Princeton, 1994
  • Sensuous Worship: Jesuits and the Art of the Early Catholic Reformation in Germany. Princeton, 2002
  • The Northern Renaissance. London: Taschen, 2004
  • The Art of the Goldsmith in late Fifteenth-Century Germany: The Kimbell Virgin and Her Bishop. New Haven, 2006
  • The Essential Dürer. Philadelphia, 2010
  • Dürer. London, 2012


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