Jeffrey Garrett

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Jeffrey Garrett
Jeffrey as Ghost from New X-Men 09.jpg
Jeffrey as Ghost
Art by Art by Carlo Pagulayan and Norm Rapmund
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Treme X-Men #20
In-story information
Alter ego Jeffrey Garrett
Species Human Mutant
Notable aliases Ghost Boy
Abilities Teleportation,
Possesses ghost form

Jeffrey Garrett is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Treme X-Men #20.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Wanted for Murder[edit]

Jeffrey while still alive, Art by Salvador Larroca

Jeffrey Garrett and his siblings were the prisoners of Elias Bogan at his lodge in Alaska. When Bogan had Jeffrey’s family killed, the young boy escaped and teleported Bogan’s associates to a glacier, which resulted in them freezing to death.

Wanted for murder, Jeffrey Garrett sought asylum at the Xavier Institute and was looked after by Emma Frost. Bogan followed Garrett to the school and used him to take him, his schoolmates, Emma Frost, Sage, and Bishop as hostages. Jeffrey managed to save himself and his newfound friends by teleporting them away, Gloom, Zach, Rubbermaid, Silicon and Tantra. After this incident, Garrett and the other students somehow lost all recollection of the event.[1]


Jeffrey was present when Magneto attacked the school after masquerading as the X-Man Xorn. Danielle Moonstar tried to get Jeffrey to teleport out of the school, but instead of following orders he returned to his room to retrieve a picture of his deceased family. The school blew up just as Jeffrey began to teleport away, which ultimately killed him but left his spirit behind. Believing Xavier's to not be safe, Jeffrey briefly terrorized the new students at Xavier's in an effort to get them to leave the school.

Lower School Class[edit]

Ultimately Jeffrey's "haunting" was stopped by the New Mutants and Jeffrey was placed in Shan's care. Because Jeffrey was technically dead he could never grow up, but he could mature and perhaps one day join a squad.[2]

Depowered and Death[edit]

However, after M-Day, Jeffrey lost his ghost form powers and now is completely dead.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Jeffrey had the ability to teleport himself and others within his line of sight over vast distances leaving only a blip of energy where his targets once stood. While alive he was also somehow able to sense the mental presence of Elias Bogan.[4] After his death, his powers seems to be somewhat evolved since when alive his teleportations usually turned the teleported people naked, something that never happened while he was stuck as a ghost. With his evolved teleportation powers he could store items (like multiple kitchen knives) in mid-teleportation for a short time until he needed them.

As a ghost he also had powers common to the popular ghost-stories as he was able to render himself intangible and completely invisible, even selectively so that only certain persons he wished for could see him.


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