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Jeffrey Kaplan (academic)

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Jeffrey Kaplan
EducationPh.D. in the History of Culture
Alma materUniversity of Chicago
OccupationProfessor, author
EmployerUniversity of Wisconsin–Oshkosh
Known forSpecializes in the study of racism, religious violence, terrorism, and the far right.

Jeffrey Kaplan (born 1954) is an American academic who has written and edited a number of books on racism, religious violence, terrorism and the far right. He is an Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh and a member of the Board of Academic Advisors of the university's Institute for the Study of Religion, Violence and Memory.[1]

Kaplan sits on the editorial boards of the journals Terrorism and Political Violence, Nova Religio and The Pomegranate.[1]


Kaplan earned an M.A. in Linguistics from Colorado State University in 1981; a M.A. in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in 1989; and earned a Ph.D. in the History of Culture from the University of Chicago in 1993,[2] with a thesis titled Revolutionary Millenarianism in the Modern World: From Christian Identity to Gush Emunim.[3]


Kaplan was an Associate Professor of History at Iḷisaġvik College in Utqiagvik, Alaska.[4]

Kaplan was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Research Grant for a project on "The Emergence of a Violent Euro-American Radical Right" with Leonard Weinberg.[5] Kaplan occupied the Bicentennial Fulbright Chair in American Studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland from 1998–1999.[6]


  • Radical Religion in America: Millenarian Movements From the Far Right to the Children of Noah (1997). Published by Syracuse University Press as a 245-page hardcover (ISBN 0815626878) and paperback (ISBN 0815603967).
  • Nation and Race: The Developing Euro-American Racist Subculture (1998; co-edited with Tore Bjørgo). Published in Boston by Northeastern University Press as a 273-page hardcover (ISBN 1555533329) and paperback (ISBN 1555533310).
  • The Emergence of a Euro-American Radical Right (1998; co-authored with Leonard Weinberg). Published in New Brunswick, NJ by Rutgers University Press as a 238-page hardcover (ISBN 0813525632) and paperback (ISBN 0813525640).
  • Beyond the Mainstream: The Emergence of Religious Pluralism in Finland, Estonia and Russia (2000). Published in Helsinki by SKS as a 386-page hardcover? (ISBN 9517461801).
  • Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right (2000). Published in Walnut Creek, CA by Altamira Press as a 585-page hardcover in 2000 (ISBN 0742503402).
  • The Cultic Milieu: Oppositional Subcultures in an Age of Globalization (2002; co-edited with Heléne Lööw [sv]). Published in Walnut Creek, CA by AltaMira Press as a 353-page hardcover (ISBN 0759102031) and paperback (ISBN 075910204X).
  • Millennial Violence: Past, Present and Future (2002; as editor). Originally appearing as a special issue of Terrorism and Political Violence (Vol. 14, No. 1; Spring 2002), it was published in London and Portland, OR by F. Cass as a 318-page hardcover (ISBN 0714652946) and paperback (ISBN 0714682594).
  • The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature (2005; consulting editor, with Editor-in-Chief Bron Taylor). Published in London and New York by Thoemmes Continuum in 2 volumes, totaling 1877 pages, in hardcover (ISBN 1843711389). It was published in paperback in 2008 (ISBN 1847062733)
  • Terrorist Groups and the New Tribalism: Terrorism's Fifth Wave (2010). Published in Abingdon, Oxon and New York by Routledge as a 235-page hardcover (ISBN 0415453380) and e-book (ISBN 0203857526).
  • Radical Religion and Violence: Theory and Case Studies (forthcoming on 30 November 2015). To be published in New York by Routledge as a 496-page hardcover (ISBN 0415814146)