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Directed by Daniel Kraus
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)

jefftowne is a 1998 documentary shot and directed by Daniel Kraus and distributed by Troma Entertainment. It chronicles the life of Jeff Towne, a 40-year-old Iowa City resident who has Down syndrome, obesity, alcoholism, and circulation problems. Towne also enjoys pornography and lives with his 90-year-old adoptive mother.


In 2002, Troma and Kraus collaborated for a shot-on-video sequel called jefftowne 2: in New Film Movies (the title comes from something Towne, upon hearing of the production, had written on an index card). It shows that in the past four years, Towne has lost a significant amount of weight, has stopped drinking, his circulation problems have alleviated, and he now works as a ticket-taker for the nearby mall cinema (Towne still enjoys pornography). Towne's grandmother was moved into a nursing home, so Towne now has his own apartment (with some help from various social workers), and has joined a social network with other mentally challenged people.