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Jehandad Khan (d. 1912) was an Emir of Afghanistan who ruled only in Khost. He was born as a member of the Ghilzai tribe,[1] and spent most of his life as a chieftain.[1] After start of the Khost rebellion on 2 May 1912,[2] he briefly laid claim to the Afghan trone in opposition to Habibullah Khan,[1] but an offensive by Muhammad Nadir Khan forced him to flee to the British Raj by the end of the same month.[1] When Jehandad arrived in India, he was given the option of immediately returning to Afghanistan or staying in India, and he chose the latter.[3] He then appealed to the British authorities for an intervention in Afghanistan to aid the rebellion, but was unsuccessful.[1] Later in 1912, Jehandad managed to return to Afghanistan, where he was apprehended, put on trial, sentenced to death and finally executed by a firing squad.[3]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Habibullah Khan
Emir of Afghanistan
May 1912
Succeeded by
Habibullah Khan