Jehangir Wadia

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Jehangir Wadia
Born Jehangir Wadia
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Managing Director GoAir and Bombay Dyeing
Spouse(s) Celina Wadia
Children (Two) Jahangir , Ella
Parent(s) Nusli Wadia (father)
Maureen Wadia (mother)
Relatives Ness Wadia (brother)
Neville Wadia (grand father)
Dina Jinnah (grand mother)
Muhammad Ali Jinnah (great-grand father)
Maryam Jinnah (great-grand mother)

Jehangir Wadia (also known as Jeh Wadia) (born c. 1974) is a businessman belonging to the Wadia family. He is the son of Nusli Wadia and Maureen Wadia, the great-grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and younger brother of Ness Wadia.[2]

Jehangir Wadia did his initial schooling at the Lawrence School in Sanawar and moved to a boarding school in England to complete his graduation. Jehangir is MSc. from Warwick University in England.

Jehangir is married to Celina (Australia origin) whom he met at London and have two children Jahangir and Ella. [3]

Jehangir Wadia is the managing director of GoAir, a budget airline which he founded in 2004, and of Bombay Dyeing, a diversified company with interests in Retail, Real Estate, Textiles and PSF.[4][5]

GoAir and Bombay Dyeing are a part of the conglomerate Wadia Group.


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