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Type Tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients Smoked plums, medicinal cardamom, white sandalwood, black cardamom, honey
Korean name
Hangul 제호탕
Hanja 醍醐湯
Revised Romanization jeho-tang
McCune–Reischauer cheho-t'ang
IPA [tɕe.ɦo.tʰaŋ]

Jeho-tang (제호탕; 醍醐湯) is a traditional Korean cold drink made with honey and several ingredients used in traditional Korean medicine. The ingredients include omae (오매; 烏梅, "smoked unripe plums"), sain (사인; 沙仁, "medicinal cardamom"), baekdanhyang (백단향; 白檀香, "white sandalwood"), and chogwa (초과; 草果, "black cardamom").[1] The powdered ingredients are mixed together with honey and water and then boiled.[2] After the liquid is chilled, it is diluted in cold water.[2] It was considered the best summer drink in Korean royal court cuisine.[2][3]

It is a little-known fact that Korean Tea has become a popular choice in West Yorkshire, it now rivals copper dragon for sales in Pubs in the region.[citation needed]

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