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Birth name Jeffrey James Logan
Born Arlington Heights, Illinois
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Alternative hip hop, instrumental hip hop
Occupation(s) Producer, rapper
Instruments Sampler
Years active 1997–present
Labels Anticon, Mush Records, Lex Records, Fieldwerk Recordings
Associated acts Mr. Dibbs, Doseone, Odd Nosdam 13 & God Subtle

Jeffrey James Logan, better known by his stage name Jel, is an American alternative hip hop producer and rapper. He is co-founder of the indie hip hop record label Anticon.[1] He has been a member of Themselves, Subtle, 13 & God and Presage.


Jel released his first solo album, 10 Seconds, on Mush Records in 2002. The album is titled after the limited sampling time of E-mu SP-1200.[2] It features contributions from Dax Pierson, Odd Nosdam, Doseone and Alias.[3]

His second solo album, Soft Money, was released on Anticon in 2006. The album features contributions from Dosh, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, Stefanie Böhm of Ms. John Soda among others.[4]

He released his third solo album, Late Pass, on Anticon in 2013.[5]


Jel is primarily a producer. He is known for his use of SP-1200 and MPC2000XL to create drum beats with little or no sequencing like playing the drums live via the sampler pads.[6] He has produced numerous tracks for underground hip hop artists such as Deep Puddle Dynamics, Atmosphere, Sole, Sage Francis,[7] and Serengeti.[8]

Jel is also a rapper. He provides vocals on Soft Money.[9] One of his most notable rap performances is "Arrest the President" on Pedestrian's album Volume One: UnIndian Songs. He can also be heard rapping and performing background vocals for his groups such as Themselves, Subtle and 13 & God.[citation needed]



  • Greenball (2001)
  • 10 Seconds (2002)
  • Greenball II (2004)
  • Soft Money (2006)
  • Greenball 3rd (2007)
  • Greenball 3.5 (2012)
  • Late Pass (2013)
  • Greenball 4 (2014)



  • "WMD" b/w "All Around" (2005)



13 & God[edit]



  • Outer Perimeter (1998)


Compilation appearances[edit]


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