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A resort at Jelitkowo in 1964

Jelitkowo (German Glettkau) is one of the quarters of the city of Gdańsk, just south of Sopot, Poland.

Located on the sea side, with beautiful sandy beaches, the town became known as an Ostsee-Bad Glettkau, a Baltic Sea (spa-vacation town). Some important hotels, windsurfing schools, and centers of water sports are in today's Jelitkowo. In the past, an old tram route ran from Danzig, the main city, to the tram loop in Glettkau. It now runs from Gdańsk to Jelitkowo.

Population (together with Żabianka) 23,145 inhabitants on area 2.1 km² (population density 10,923 inh/km²).

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Coordinates: 54°26′N 18°36′E / 54.433°N 18.600°E / 54.433; 18.600