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Jellytelly network logo.png
Founded November 4, 2008
Founder(s) Phil Vischer
Products Christian streaming media for children

JellyTelly is an online subscription-based streaming media provider created by Phil Vischer (the co-creator of VeggieTales). It specializes in Christian programming for children. Subscribers have access to 1,540 episodes from 111 shows. Video is made available through applications for smartphones, tablets, and popular streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast.[1]


After Phil's original company, Big Idea Productions, went bankrupt, Phil took a few years off to recuperate. It was during this time that he had the idea for JellyTelly. A new network of sorts, but featuring content for kids that enriched them, and also taught them about their faith and religion.[2] After working for over three years on the project, on March 1, 2008, Phil revealed his new project to the world. It wasn't until November 4 of that same year that it actually launched though. Through the ups and downs of this new project, funding was always a concern, until the Christian organization Focus on the Family stepped in on September 30, 2009 to provide backing, funding and marketing for Phil's new network.[3] Since then, the content on JellyTelly has continued to grow with its new funding, and Vischer completed a new DVD series based on the network titled "Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible?"


JellyTelly Original Programming[edit]

Buck's Mailbag![edit]

On Buck's Mailbag!, the character Buck answers real questions that kids who watch the show have asked.

God's Amazing Animals[edit]

Featuring the characters Clive and Ian, this series discussed a different animal each for Christian children to understand the bible easier


Here different topics from science are discussed each episode.

Sports Clinic[edit]

Past NFL athletes and athletes from other organization discuss different sports and things like teamwork.

Michael's 10 Best Films of All Time[edit]

This series has the character Michael discussing anything from his top 10 favorite movies to his favorite things.

The Books of the Bible[edit]

Sometimes taught by Sunday School Lady and sometime by the Bently Brothers, in each episode a part of a book of the Bible is discussed (or sung about).

Kid's Talk[edit]

In this series, real kids from all around the world record segments and then they get aired on TV. Anything from discussing helping others, to seeing what its like to be the kids of a missionary is discussed.


GodRocks! is a series of videos by Chelsea Road Productions. The videos feature four characters, Chip, Gem, Carb and Splinter. In each episode, the character go on an adventure, or sing a song, and at the end of each episode, each story is connected to a meaning from the Bible.

The Fantastic World![edit]

The Fantastic World! is an adventure series about a young girl thrown into a world of turmoil by a magical chest she finds in an antique store. She soon learns that she has an unbelievable power that she can use to save this new world.


and more...

Home Video Releases[edit]

The characters of JellyTelly have recently starred in a new spinoff series titled "What's In The Bible with Buck Denver?". a new home video series for kids. What's In The Bible was released over 13 DVD Volumes (each with two 25 minute episodes). The series will cover the entire Bible.[4] The first two volumes were released on March 1, 2010.[5] Also, Why do we call it Christmas?, Clive and Ian's Wonder-blimp of Knowledge, Sing Through the Bible! and Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9.

1. What's in the Bible? DVD 1 - In the Beginning (Genesis)

2. What's in the Bible? DVD 2 - Let My People Go! (Exodus)

3. What's in the Bible? DVD 3 - Wandering in the Desert (Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)

4. What's in the Bible? DVD 4 - Battle for the Promised Land! (Joshua, Judges, and Ruth)

5. What's in the Bible? DVD 5 - Israel Gets a King! (1 and 2 Samuel)

6. What's in the Bible? DVD 6 - A Nation Divided (Kings and Chronicles)

7. Why Do We Call It Christmas?

8. What's in the Bible? DVD 7 - Exile and Return (Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther)

9. Buck Denver and Friends present, Clive and Ian's Wonder-blimp of Knowledge: 6 Big Questions About God

10. What's in the Bible? DVD 8 - Words To Make Us Wise (Psalms, Proverbs, and the Writings)

11. What's in the Bible? DVD 9 - God Speaks (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Prophets)

12. What's in the Bible? DVD 10 - Jesus Is The Good News! (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

13. What's in the Bible? DVD 11 - Spreading The Good News! (The Book Of Acts)

14. Buck Denver and Friends present, Clive and Ian's Wonder-blimp of Knowledge 2: 7 Big Questions About God

15. What's in the Bible? DVD 12 - Letters From Paul! (Romans through Philemon)

16. What's in the Bible? DVD 13 - God's Kingdom Comes! (General Epistles & Revelation)

17. Sing Through the Bible!

18. Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9

Technical Details[edit]

JellyTelly is a WordPress site which uses for video delivery. The combination of WordPress and Ooyala allows the site to scale quickly without worries of service issues.

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