Jelly Boy

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Not to be confused with Jerry Boy.
Jelly Boy
Jelly Boy
European SNES box art
Developer(s) Probe Entertainment
Publisher(s) Ocean Software
Composer(s) Steve Collett[1]
Nick Stroud[1]
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis (unpublished)
  • EU: March 1995
Genre(s) Action, platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Jelly Boy is a 1995 Europe-exclusive action platformer video game developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Ocean Software for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Game Boy. The game was released exclusively in Europe in March 1995. Jelly Boy was planned to be released on the Sega Genesis but was canceled.


Jelly Boy puts the player in the control of a jelly baby with morphing powers. His quest is to find various items inside a factory so that the elevator doorman will allow him to meet the person in charge. The most important items are musical notes, which serve both as an extra life (at 100 notes) as well as a one-hit shield (after a collision, the notes are lost, and further collisions result in death).




The Sega Genesis version was not released, but a playable ROM prototype of the full completed game exists.



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