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Jeltje de Bosch Kemper

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Jeltje de Bosch Kemper
Jeltje de Bosch Kemper, by Jan Veth
Born(1836-04-28)28 April 1836
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Died16 February 1916(1916-02-16) (aged 79)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jkvr. Jeltje de Bosch Kemper (1836 – 1916) was a Dutch feminist.


Bosch Kemper was born in Amsterdam on 28 April 1836.[1][2] She was a member of the Kemper noble family, daughter of Jeronimo de Bosch Kemper [da; nl; sv] (1808-1876) and Maria Aletta Hulshoff (1810-1844) and educated in a girls' school. She became interested in women's issues by The Subjection of Women by John Stuart Mill.

In 1871, she became a member of Betsy Perk's Algemeene Nederlandsche Vrouwenvereeniging Arbeid Adelt, an association with the goal to improve women's right to be educated and work to support themselves; in 1872, she founded her own association with the same purpose, Algemeene Nederlandsche Vrouwenvereeniging Tesselschade, which she chaired 1886-1911.[3] In 1878 she founded Vereeniging voor Ziekenverpleging, the first courses to educate professional nurses in the Netherlands.[1][4] In 1894, she became chairperson of the Maatschappelijken en den Rechtstoestand der Vrouw in Nederland, and association to improve the legal rights of women, and in 1896-1906 she manage her own women's rights magazine, Belung und Recht; she was also a member of the women suffrage association.[5] Her younger sister Christine de Bosch Kemper was a (less public) women's right activist as well.[3]

She and Anna Reijnvaan founded the Journal for Nursing for the Sick.[6] In 1891, they worked together again to arrange the first conference on nursing, named ‘The Gathering’; however, despite Kemper being the conference president, no women were allowed to deliver speeches at the event.[7]

Bosch Kemper died in Amsterdam on 16 February 1916.[2]


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