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Coordinates: 1°20′00″N 103°44′36″E / 1.3332°N 103.74338°E / 1.3332; 103.74338

Jem Shopping Mall Logo.svg
The logo for Jem.
Location Jurong East, Singapore
Address 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549
Opening date June 15, 2013
Management Lend Lease
Owner Lend Lease
No. of stores and services 241
No. of anchor tenants 9
Total retail floor area 818,000 square feet (76,000 m2)
No. of floors 9
Parking 340
Public transit access  EW24  NS1  Jurong East
Website Jem

Jem is a suburban mall in Jurong East, Singapore. The mall is directly connected to Jurong East MRT station and close to Jurong East Bus Interchange.


Jem is Singapore's third largest suburban mall housing 241 shop units with over 818,000 square feet of retail space across six levels. Jem's name is a wordplay reference of the mall as the crown jewel of Jurong and Singapore's west.[citation needed] The mall is directly connected to the Jurong East MRT interchange station and located at the junction of Jurong Gateway Road and Boon Lay Way.

Major retailers include Robinsons, FairPrice Xtra, Cathay Cineplexes, Cookhouse by Koufu, H&M, Uniqlo, Marks and Spencer, Muji and Courts.


Ever since the mall's opening got delayed by a few days due to fire permit issues, the mall was plagued by a string of incidents and accidents, including three fires, a power failure, and a faulty false ceiling.

Delayed opening[edit]

Jem's official opening was initially to be on 11 June 2013. Due to tenant permit issues, the opening of the mall was delayed. It was reported that none of units in Jem applied for a Fire Safety Certificate or Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). To appease the disappointed customers who were affected by the delayed opening, Jem gave out discount vouchers worth S$10 between 10 am and 11 am that day.[1]

On 15 June 2013, the mall was finally opened and attracted more than 10,000 shoppers within an hour of its opening.[2] However, just close to 2 months after its opening, the first of a chain of unfortunate incidents (all of which are listed below) began to plague the mall.

August 2013 fires[edit]

Jem was affected by two fires in August 2013, neither of which are related.

On 14 August 2013, three employees manning the Ready-to-Eat counter at the NTUC FairPrice Xtra store in Jem shopping centre suffered minor burns when a deep fryer caught fire at about 10.30 am. Customers and staff were evacuated from the FairPrice Xtra store. The fire was put out by the sprinklers in the store. [3]

Three days later, a car caught fire at the Basement 2 carpark area of Jem at about 2.20 pm, causing the evacuation of all staff and patrons from the mall. The fire was again put out by the sprinklers in the mall. [4]

False ceiling collapse[edit]

Three people were injured after part of the first-floor ceiling of the mall collapsed on the night of 18 September 2013. It was believed that a leaking water-pipe caused the incident. As a result, the mall was closed until further notice.[5][6]

On 2 October 2013, the mall was reopened to the public. Throughout the two-week closure, Jem underwent inspections, rigorous testing and certification by a team of more than 40 people including hydraulic engineers and safety specialists to investigate and resolve the issue.[7]

Glass door breaks[edit]

Slightly less than two months after, a glass door at Jurong East's Jem mall shattered on the evening of Nov 29 2013. The glass door is located on the first floor next to clothing retailer H&M, a third of the glass partition shattered into smaller pieces. The mall's spokesman said no one was hurt in the accident. [8]

Power failure[edit]

A media statement by Jem said some retailers on the third level and basement one of the Jurong East shopping centre were affected by an 11-hour power failure on Mar 21 2014. The disruption occurred from around 7am to 6pm, according to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao. At least 36 shops on basement one were operating in darkness, said the report. The mall's website lists 60 businesses on that level. At least three shops also put up notices to say that they were going to close earlier because of the power shortage.[9]

Food court incident[edit]

On June 3, 2016, a woman was caught on camera berating a cleaner and her manager at the mall's Koufu food court. The cleaner, who is deaf and mute and looked to be in his 70s, had tried to clear her table before she finished her food. Enraged, she shouted at the cleaner, who walked away, after which she appeared to continue having her meal calmly. However, when her husband returned to her table, she insisted that her husband brought the cleaner back so that he could apologise to her. Despite the cleaner's manager apologising on behalf of his subordinate and explaining that he was deaf and mute, the lady scolded the manager instead for between 15 to 20 minutes.

The videographer, Ms Euphemia Lee, decided to post the video at 7:30 PM the same day, because "the things she said were... too much for us to turn a blind eye and forget about it". Most of the lady's angry words could not be made out in the video, but it is known that she had yelled, "Go and be a beggar, I don't care, you took my food!" The video was since viewed 734000 times and shared 200000 times by the next afternoon.

The lady in the video was briefly thought to be a grassroots volunteer with Nee Soon GRC, but its Residents' Committee, and MP Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, have since clarified that she was a resident of Nee Soon "who has taken part in events hosted for her community." [10]

July 2016 fire[edit]

On 19 July 2016, a fire broke out at the Burger King outlet, resulting in the evacuation of shoppers and cinema-goers. The fire was confined to the kitchen of the Burger King outlet and was put out by the sprinkler system before SCDF arrived at the scene. No injuries were reported.[11] This is the third time a fire has occurred in the mall, after two fire incidents in August 2013 (see above).

During lunch time on Wednesday (28 December), one of the ceilings of Jurong East shopping mall Jem was leaking for more than three hours, leaving water puddles inside the building as reported by Lianhe Zaobao.

December 2016 water leak[edit]

It said that the leak started from 12.35pm at the first floor near the concierge, which forced one of its clothing stores to shut its door due to the leak.

Zaobao visited the mall then talked to the employees there who said that the leak actually occurred a night before, though it was not as bad as the one which happened recently.

During its visit, Zaobao found a small section closed off, with workers fixing and cleaning the ceiling.[12]



  • Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum version 4.0 award[13]
  • Gold award in the ‘Best Innovative Green Building’ category at the MIPIM Asia Awards 2012[14]


  • Bronze award in the ‘Best Mixed Use Development’ category at the MIPIM Asia Awards in 2013[15]
  • Universal Design (UD) Mark GoldPLUS (Design) Award at the Singapore BCA Awards 2013[16]


  • International Convention of Shopping Centres (ICSC) 2014 - Sustainable Design, Asia Pacific (Gold Award) 2014[17]
  • Singapore Property Awards 2014 - Award winner for ‘Sustainable Development’ Category[18]
  • bizSAFE Partner 2014[19]


  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards (National) - Best Mixed Use Development, Singapore: 5 Stars[20]
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards (National) - Best Retail Development, Singapore: 5 Stars[21]
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards (National) - Office Development, Singapore: Highly Commended[22]
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards (National) - Development Marketing, Singapore: Highly Commended[23]
  • 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards (National) - Developer Website, Singapore: Highly Commended[24]
  • International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) VIVA Best-of-the-Best Award 2015 - Honoree in the design & development category[25]
  • BCA Awards 2015 - Universal Design (UD) Mark GoldPLUS Award[26]


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